Acknowledgment Is the First Step to Recovery…

I’ll start by addressing something that I’m not proud of: this isn’t my first blog.

I’ve started at least 5 blogs in my life.  Two actually had real posts.  One had many, many post drafts–drafts that I never gathered the courage to publish.  The other two were mere layouts with grand ideas and absolutely zero followthrough.

I’d also concede that publishing a blog post on an unknown site should not be considered an overly “courageous” act.  Not something a bard would immortalize or a historian would study.  Just the result of a millennial with social anxiety fearing the judgment of others.

Case in point: I hadn’t told any of my friends about starting a blog until after I’d already published the welcome post (my thinking was something along the lines of “CAN’T GO BACK NOW, BITCH”).  When I told my fiancé, the conversation went something like this:

Me: I’m starting a blog.

Him: Really?

Me: Yes.  It’s silly.

Him: No it’s not!  You’re smart and have great ideas.

Boom!  Instant confidence boost!  With that endorsement, I feel like I could charge the armies of Genghis Khan.


For those of you interested, here are some of the old blogs:

The Funky Loop: a blog written with my cousin while we backpacked Europe (I’m L)

Norfolk Newbie: a blog written in my first year living in Norfolk, Virginia


Have you ever written a blog?  Were you able to keep it up?  What inspired you to keep going?  

If you haven’t written a blog, would you ever consider one?  What would it be about?

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