Resolutions or Bust

I’d like to say that I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions.  We all hear statistics along the lines of, “80% of resolutions are abandoned by January!”  “Resolutions are pointless!”  “The New Year is an arbitrary social construct based on the western understanding of time, which is a human-created concept anyway!”

But the fact of the matter is, setting goals, regardless of the time of year, is good.  Personal development is good.  Who really cares how you get there as long as you do?  If you decide to quit smoking and succeed, does it matter if you did so on January 1 or June 27?

For purposes of keeping myself (1) honest, and (2) held accountable, I’m publishing my goals for the world to see.  Let’s see how well I do come 2019!

  • Blog twice weekly
  • Cut out soda
  • Figure out my back issues (in the process of seeing an orthopedic specialist for chronic lower back pain)
  • Write a letter once per week
  • Eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables
  • Try 1 new thing per month–food, activities, places to visit, etc
  • Learn to meditate

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