Photo Journal


This is the first picture I ever took in Europe.  That trip to Paris and Munich in the summer of 2009 set me on a wild adventure and filled my heart with a wanderlust from which I’ve never recovered.

I took the trip with my grandmother, my aunt, and my cousin.  Paris was having a huge heat wave, and it was ungodly hot and humid. Our hotel was about 4 blocks from the Eiffel Tower, and for budgetary reasons, we’d only booked a room for three people.  I slept on a twin-size air mattress under the window– it was arguably the best spot in the room because of the breeze at night.  We put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door handle every day and, every damn day, we came back and the room had been cleaned.  My grandmother tried to keep the maid out by taping our door shut with neon band-aids.

But I digress.

Through our haze of jet lag, we managed to make our way to the Eiffel Tower on the afternoon of our arrival.  We turned a corner and POOF! there it was.  The icon in the flesh/metal.

For some reason, the Eiffel Tower seemed so much taller in person.  And I expected it to be…I don’t know…not brown?  I think I had it in my head that it was gray or metallic or maybe even green like the Statue of Liberty.  But I never expected the detail or intricate criss-crosses, either.

I used to say that the Eiffel Tower was my first love.  And first loves last a lifetime.


What was your first life-changing adventure?  Was it a place?  An activity?  Was there any one thing that stood out to you in particular?


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