Why hello there!

Long time no post, and, more accurately, long time no verbal post!  Let’s chat a little bit about what’s been going on…

  1. Fiance and I visited our first wedding venue. We also decided that this is THE venue.
  2. Surprise visit to my parents to celebrate my mother’s birthday.
  3. Fiance and I began a finance seminar/class thing- Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.
  4. Trip to Richmond to visit friends and see the visiting Terracotta Soldiers at the VMFA.
  5. Trip to Chicago…to see Hamilton!
  6. Busy work life with tax filing deadline looming.
  7. Easter with my family.
  8. Fiance and I booked our venue for both ceremony and reception.

It’s been quite a few months!  I’ll definitely be touching on some of these points in later posts to provide background and details.  I’ve missed writing and am ready and eager to get back into the swing of things.


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