5 Podcasts In My Library

As someone who works primarily at a desk, I find myself with a decent amount of time to listen to podcasts while doing my day-to-day work.  Here are 5 podcasts I check each week, hoping for a new installment.

Dig: A History Podcast– produced by some awesome female historians out of the University of Buffalo, this podcast frames historical events and concepts through a lens of social justice, focusing on topics like gender inequality and racism.  Episodes range from about 45 minutes to an hour in length.  As someone who studied history, I appreciate the research put into each episode, as well as the frequent use of primary sources, and the acknowledgement of bias.  Some of my favorite episodes include “Tuberculean Chic: How White Plague Shaped Beauty Standards in the 18c & 19c,” “Celia, A Slave: The True Crime Case that Rocked the American Slave Power,” and “Early American Family Limitation.”

Death, Sex, and Money– this podcast covers any and all topics relating to the title: death, sex and money– three things that humans experience but generally don’t like to talk about.  The episodes cover everything from student loans to drug addiction to infertility.  The producers will sometimes go back to former interviewees for check-ins, or to provide an update on their lives and experiences.  Because the topics are so varied, it’s difficult to pinpoint favorite episodes, but one story that I’ve gone back to several times is that of Lawrence Bartley.  His story starts with the episode titled, “I Killed Someone.  Now I Have Three Kids: Updated.”

Renaissance English History Podcast– there’s a reason this podcast has been produced for nearly a decade.  The topics range from specific individuals and places to broader concepts such as Tudor music and divorce in the middle ages.  Heather, the host, has also done some terrific interviews, including several with best-selling author Alison Weir.  If you want some awesome feminist inspiration, check out her miniseries on KickAss Tudor Women!

Watching the Tudors- if you enjoy the Renaissance English History podcast, then you should definitely check this one out, too.  Same wonderful host, but this time she’s watching the Showtime classic The Tudors with her husband who knows next to nothing about the Tudor period (and history in general).  Their discussions are incredibly endearing, and not just because it reminds me of watching The Crown with my fiance.

Tudor, I Hardly Know Her– this podcast puts a more easygoing, light-hearted spin on Tudor history.  With three hosts, Emily (the resident expert), her husband, Garrett, and good friend, the banter and tangental conversations are always good for a laugh.  If you like punny titles, or want a podcast that asks the most important questions (“Is ‘Elizabeth yeeted Mary, Queen of Scots a correct sentence’?) then this podcast is for you.  Start with Episode 1: Henry VIII, What a Lady Killer.


Have you listened to any of these podcasts?  Which one sounds most interesting to you?

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